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Level 10

2017 Graduate

Honors Student

Delaney is a Level 10 Gymnast and has been coached for most of her gymnastics career by John Laudie.  She is a hard working athlete who always puts her best effort into practice, competing and supporting her teamates.  She is very humble when it comes to promoting herself.  She  spends more effort building up the accomplishments of her teamates than herself.


Delany is a Junior in high school and is an A student with a cumulative GPA of 3.875.  She has been accepted into the National Honor Society and asked to join the Scholarbowl Team.


She is currently scheduled to take 3 college courses this year and is on track to recieve the highest ranked diploma offered in Missouri...The Gold Medalian Diploma.  She plans to continue her education in the Medical or Dental field. 


She has lettered in Choir and as accepted invitations to do multiple solos.






Delaney has accepted a scholarship to compete for Converse College in beautiful South Carolina on the Acro/Tumbling Team

Congratulations, Delaney!

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