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Developmental Gymnastics

The EDGE Developmental Gymnastics Program is designed for the more advanced, younger athlete.  We hand pick young, aspiring gymnasts between the ages of 4 and 7 years old who are interested in becoming a member of the Nationally recognized EDGE Gymnastics Competitive Team.  The Developmental Program will produce highly trained young athletes that will encounter years of achievement in one the most exciting sports!

summer schedule
will begin June 12, 2023

Mini Monkeys
By Inivitation only
4-5 year olds


Mighty Monkeys
By Inivitation only
5-6 year olds


Champion Chimps
By Inivitation only
6-7 year olds


EDGE Gymnastics - Riverside has become recognized as one of the top gymnastics facilities for Competitive Gymnastics Teams in our 7 state region.  Our girls gymnastics team, with almost 100 members, is also one of the largest teams in the state of Missouri. 


Our team did not become highly successful overnight.  It has taken years of planning and preparation.  The secret to our success has been our DEVELOPMENTAL PROGRAM.


We "hand pick" young aspiring gymnasts between the ages of 3 and 7 years old and begin planning for their Competitive  Gymnastics experience.


Our Developmental Program is designed to accelerate gymnastics performance and to produce highly trained young athletes that encounter years of achievement in one of the most exciting sports.


EDGE has produced numerous National Champions as well has a long list of Full Ride College Scholorship Recipients.


At EDGE - The future is yours!





EDGE Pre-Optionals
By Inivitation only


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