EDGE National Team Qualifiers


Under the direction of Coach John Laudie, EDGE has sent numerous gymnasts to Level 9 Western Nationals and Level 10 Junior Olympic Nationals.


We are very proud of the hard work and dedication that these young athletes put into achieving such a highly respectable honor.  We are also very thankful to their families and the sacrifices they make to help their daughters achieve their goals.

Lisa Moats                 Level 9 Western Nationals

Chelsi Wong              Level 9 Western Nationals

Nicole Manning         Level 9 Western Nationals

Kaitlyn Weber            Level 9 Western Nationals

Delaney Weaver        Level 9 Western Nationals

Lexi Berry                  Level 9 Western Nationals

Paige Jones               Level 9 Western Nationals

Mattey Weaver          Level 9 Western Nationals 2017

CaMarah Williams     Level 9 Western Nationals 2017

Jaxon Clapper          Level 9 Mens Nationals  2017

CaMarah Williams     Level 9 Western Nationals 2018

Jaxon Clapper          Level 9 Mens Nationals 2018

Laura Anson               Level 10 JO Nationals

Janet Anson               Level 10 JO Nationals

Bryanna Wong            Level 10 JO Nationals

Lauren Stephenson   Level 10 JO Nationals

Kristen Meyers           Level 10 JO Nationals

Kaylee Meyers            Level 10 JO Nationals

Bailey McIntire            Level 10 JO Nationals

Allie Salas                    Level 10 JO Nationals

Michaelee Turner       Level 10 JO Nationals