Pre-school  program


begins August 17

      Tiny Toucans

18 mo - 2 yr

30 minute class

$110.00 per 10 wk

Tuesday      9:30 am

Tuesday      5:00 pm

Wednesday  11:45 am

Wednesday  5:45 pm

Thursday     5:15 pm

    Precious Pandas

2 yr olds

45 minute class

$130.00 per 10 wk

Monday       5:00 pm

Tuesday      10:00 am

Tuesday       5:45 pm

Wednesday   11:00 am

Thursday      5:45 pm






      Krazy Koalas

3 yr olds

45 minute class

$130.00 per 10 wk

Monday        6:30 pm

Monday        7:15 pm

Tuesday       10:45 am

Tuesday       11:30 am

Tuesday       6:30 pm

Wednesday   12:15 pm

Wednesday   5:00 pm

Thursday      6:30 pm


       Little Lions

4 yr olds

45 minute class

$130.00 per 10 wk

Monday     5:45 pm

Monday      7:15 pm

Tuesday      7:15 pm

Wednesday 6:30 pm

Thursday     7:15 pm


Class days, times and levels are subject to change at any time.  Always call or e-mail to confirm. : )


Make up class must be scheduled through the front desk.  Some classes are too full for make ups. 

Please call or e-mail first

Take a tour  below through our newly remodeled Pre-School Room.  Our entire room is covered in 2" Foam Carpet.  Our wall is also covered in 2" foam which provides a safe environment as well as the ability to play games and do learning activities with velcro games.  Each week each room has a new and fun set up along with a new warm up and ending activity to help keep the littlest gymnasts excited and enthusiastic while learning new gymnastics skills and gross motor skill development that will enhance your child's development in all areas.

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Why should my toddler be involved in the EDGE Pre-School Program?



The foundation of any pre-school activity should be the development of gross motor skills. As many scientific studies have shown, gross motor skill development will transfer into an increase in all other areas of development. At EDGE Gymnastics, we pride ourselves in our ability to research and study the most up-to-date knowledge of child development and implement that knowledge into our weekly lesson plans. Our trained staff will guide you and your child through the fundamental steps of motor skill education. In a short period of time, your child will accelerate their gross motor skill development and start them on a path that could lead them to the head of their class.



A pre-school gymnastics class should be fun and stimulating. At EDGE Gymanstics our goal is to make our classes the highlight of your child's week. Every class will be an adventure in fun with creative themes, unique lesson plans, challenging curriculum, loads of age appropriate equipment and an extremely energetic staff.



A pre-school curriculum should be soundly based in progressive learning. Edge Gymnastics has carefully crafted a program, guided by over 20 years of coaching experience, that will lead your child to the cutting edge of motor skill development. Each skill has been broken down into age appropriate learning stages and thoses steps were refined and tested to produce the fastest learning curve. Our one-of-a-kind program had produced award winning gymnasts and numerous star athletes in other sports.