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We are excited to have you as a part of the EDGE family. 
Registration Form:
This form will be filled out on our EDGE App
When to Arrive:
Be sure to arrive a few minutes early. (5-10 minutes is usually perfect)

What to Wear:
Your child can wear something comfortable to move around in:
Shorts and t-shirt
No Shoes or Socks
Long Hair should be pulled back
(please NO exposed sports bras)

If you have questions regarding your child's class, progress or any other issue be sure to let the front desk know and we will make sure his/her coach contacts you as soon as possible.  If time allows the coach will have a minute or two at the end of each class.  If not they will call you at the end of the day.

You can reach us at 816-587-2242.  Voicemails are returned at the beginning of each working day.

Thank you for joining us,
John and Gerri Laudie


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